Case Studies

Food Processors – Case Studies

The Problem The client concerned was forced to accept an inferior USA made food grade chemical from the local agent when they actually wanted the Danish made higher quality equivalent. This however was not available to the Pacific basin area as the manufacturer insisted that New Zealand be supplied from the USA only. Our Solution We had our Copenhagen associates access the Danish product and supplied exactly the chemical required at an even better price than the inferior USA made item. The Problem The client desperately needed a food additive but the New Zealand manufacturer had quality control problems resulting in an unsatisfactory product. However reciprocal agreements with Australia not to encroach on each other’s territory meant that the client was denied access to the better Australian product. Our Solution We simply purchased the product through our Australian office and – continue reading…

Manufacturers – Case Studies

The Problem The New Zealand client received a quote from the Australian agent (no New Zealand agent existed) for some high priced capital equipment. They asked for us to quote through our USA office and were subsequently horrified to see that the Australian agent’s price, compared to ours was 30% higher. When the Australian agent was informed of this he told the client that the price remained the same and that they would not be able to access the product from the manufacturer. Our Solution We had our USA office again approach the manufacturer, who by this time had been alerted by the Australian agent, and convince them that we should still be allowed to supply our client at the much more reasonable price thus ensuring the manufacturer would retain the goodwill of the end user. They Agreed!

Engineering – Case Studies

The Problem The client was a distributor for a product for which the pricing structure, set by the overseas manufacturer, was very high. This was because the manufacturer planned to open an office itself and intended to cut the price once it arrived and snatch the hard earned business from the New Zealand distributor. Our Solution Through our London associates we accessed the manufacturer’s better European pricing structure and enabled the client to compete successfully against the manufacturer’s recently opened New Zealand operation! The Problem A PCB was required for a very important part of the operation. It was made in Italy and all attempts to have the Italian company answer the many faxes sent, failed. The chief engineer came in late at night to the office, due to the European time difference, and phoned the Italian company direct. “Buon – continue reading…