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“Du Bray & Associates supply us with a wide range of spare parts and equipment. They offer competitive prices, they give accurate and reduced lead times.”

Peter Cook
Northland Dairy Ltd, New Zealand

“Our expectations of customer service have been fully met by Du Bray & Associates including tailoring equipment identification to make our job easier.”

Paul Smith

“Du Bray & Associates are fast and efficient in obtaining items not easily accessible.”

Manny Morgan

“I have found that in nearly all cases where I have used Du Bray & Associates to secure a ‘Best Possible’ price for overseas purchases they have come through with flying colours. I will continue using them in all possible areas because of this service.”

Chris Brown

“Du Bray & Associates have sourced products quicker and often more cheaply than available within our normal supply channels, which has enabled us to increase our level of customer service by providing a more flexible, rapid response to customer enquiries /orders.”

John Rathburn

“Du Bray has been instrumental in finding better pricing & deliveries for our earthmoving equipment – I would recommend them to anyone.”

Pat McPeake